Kyles Camans



All our sticks are hand crafted from imported Canadian Hickory; the whole multi stage process is carried out on the premises in Kames Argyll.

A solid block of Hickory is ripped into narrow strips, ready for the next part of the process which is lamination.


This initial cutting of the wood results in almost 50% waste of the valuable Hickory. After the laminates have been stuck together they are forced into a steel mould, held in place with clamps and placed into the oven for the curing process.


After the oven comes a visit to the band saw, where we finally start to see something that resembles a caman.

Next we move onto the hand finishing of every individual stick, after planing, machine sanding and finally hand sanding we are ready for a couple of coats of varnish.


Finally tape is added to the grip before the sticks are ready to ship off to the clubs.


Our sticks have been sent all over the world, often in non standard form. Some people require specific lofts, number of laminations or even

a particular weight of stick.


We will always try to accomodate where possible.



Kyles Camans featuring in the series 'Outlander